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You want your photos to tell the story of the love, joy, and sometimes craziness of your family, just as it is in this all-too-fleeting moment. You want to remember how your little one daily tried to "eat" your nose, because he thought it was hilarious; or how your daughter refuses to smile while wearing anything but her "Elsa" dress from Frozen. You want images that 25 years from now, when you're sitting around the fireplace with your grown kids and maybe even a grandkid or two, will transport you back to the "real life" moments that made this season equal parts sweet, and maybe sometimes a little hair-raising. You know, because your future daughter-in-law deserves to know what she's gotten herself into. Ha!

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It is my joy to document the seasons in your precious family, be it a season of pregnancy, life with a newborn, chasing your toddlers through a park, or chatting over coffee with your grown kiddos. I offer maternity, newborn, and family lifestyle photography and film collections.

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I'm available for sessions in Tulsa, OKC and surrounding areas. Let's write your story together! Email me using the link below to connect about your story, and for my comprehensive collection guide. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!