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7 Things I've Learned from Parenting in the Trenches

Motherhood is a SWEET season... but it is also one of the most challenging, humbling and sanctifying journeys I've ever set foot on. More days that not lately, thanks to the sin and brokenness of my own self as much as my children's, I have found myself with tears in my eyes, clawing through the mud, and praying for the clarity, grace, and protection of my Savior. And each day, the Lord has faithfully answered me with bits of truth that are slowly helping me to see the beauty in a season that quite frankly I'm just praying to survive. Here's what I've been learning...

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A love letter to the insecure mama preparing for her birth:

There are a lot of reactions, some quite humorous, that I get when people first learn what I do for a living. Comments range from "You take pictures of WHAT?" to "You mean, you specialize in like, er, downstairs photography?" - all to which I typically respond with a chuckle and an explanation that birth photography is not about the "vag shot," but documents the power, the emotions, the first "meet cutes" that will forever mark the day a little one arrives.

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