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Home, but Homesick + a Lesson in Hospitality

It has been about a week and a half since we landed stateside; and I'm sitting here at my home desk sipping on a cup of Kenyan chai, somehow feeling a little "homesick."

If you read any of my updates/posts from our time in Kapsowar... you'd know that the Fisher family fell for Kenya HARD..

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A tough week, but God reigns

The title above transports me back in time, to the note I shared on Facebook almost 6 years ago when we were losing our first child. And after the trials of the past week... it feels appropriate once again.

This last week has been... heavy. Heavy like the rains that have been falling on Kapsowar like clockwork...

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We're going to AFRICA! | Fishers on Mission

When we first found out that April 2018 would be our first "missions month" for Jake's residency program, I was giddy, even though I had NO IDEA where the Lord would call us to go. So, what a joy it was to get confirmation from the Lord through some trusted mentors earlier this month that we indeed should spend April living and serving alongside the Jones family in their home of Kapsowar, Kenya...

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