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The Top 6 Pregnancy Apps & Websites Every Pregnant Mom Needs

From the moment I find out I'm pregnant... I begin downloading ALL THE APPS, and bookmarking all the websites. There is something so amazing about having the answer to just about every question you could think of (or didn't think of) at your fingertips. And, because my mission is to serve mamas not only through their births, but during pregnancy and postpartum - I decided to compile my faves for you! 

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A Birth Photographer's Hypnobabies Birth Center Water Birth in Tulsa | The Birth Story of Silas John

This birth story, my birth story, shares the intimate moments of the arrival of my youngest son Silas, born January 2nd of last year. It was a prayer and Hypnobabies fueled water birth at Special Delivery Birth Center in Tulsa that serves as one of the most peaceful, joy-filled days of my life... and it is my honor to share it with you!

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