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The Fast and Healing Unmedicated Hospital Birth of Emilie Vonn | Oklahoma City Birth Photography and Videography

I officially photographed my first birth almost four years ago in April 2015, but about 9 months before that I stood outside the door of a hospital room and heard the first cry of my niece before being invited in to use my brother's DSLR on auto (before I knew my way around a camera) to document some of her first moments. It was a whirlwind 15 minutes as sweet Evie began to struggle to breathe and needed to be whisked off to the NICU before her mama got a chance to get a good look at her. And as I stood by her mama, my lovely sister-in-love, and encouraged her by showing her photos on the back of the camera of her sweet baby girl, I had my first glimpse of how powerful birth photography can be…

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The Birth Story of Cole Karsten - Grapevine Birth Photography & Videography

Earlier this year in April, I had the honor of being present for my beautiful cousin’s birth as she worked like an absolute warrior to bring her little – er, big—boy Earthside. I had been on call for a couple weeks, but as Easter weekend rolled around, it seemed more and more likely that her little man was going to make it to his planned induction date, so I made the drive down to OKC to meet my mama on Easter night, before heading on to Dallas to get settled for the big day.

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