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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I have had many dreams for our time in Kenya. Most notably the dream of documenting a birth while simultaneously witnessing my handsome doctor husband deliver the sweet babe. And, if you caught my Facebook posts in the last couple of days, you’d know that dream came true! (And this birth photographer was overwhelmed with joy!) But...

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Love and Loss: #ihadamiscarriage

Five years ago, I was just a few weeks away from becoming pregnant with my first baby. We had stopped preventing a few months earlier, and were already referring to our sweet baby-to-be as “Baby Maybe.” It was a sweet season... though every time I saw a negative pregnancy test I was a little bit sad, but I did my best to trust God’s timing. Flash forward to a chilly day in September, and I excitedly woke up to take a home pregnancy test...

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