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Childhood Best Friends Overcome Infertility to Meet Their Baby Girl | Tulsa Cesarean Birth Story of Clara Eloise

I’ll never forget walking into Starbucks the first time I got to meet the C family. They were sitting at the table, sipping on their drinks with this childlike excitement that reminded me of the Sunday night trips to Starbucks I used to take with my friends in high school. They just exuded JOY in this journey they were on. As I got to know them better… I learned about the looooong journey that led them to their baby girl, and fell even more in love with them and their story. I am SO honored to get to share it with you today, through the words of Mrs. C herself! <3

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A tough week, but God reigns

The title above transports me back in time, to the note I shared on Facebook almost 6 years ago when we were losing our first child. And after the trials of the past week... it feels appropriate once again.

This last week has been... heavy. Heavy like the rains that have been falling on Kapsowar like clockwork...

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The Breech Cesarean Birth of Milo Jack - Oklahoma City Birth Videography & Photography

Well, little Milo is not so little anymore! This baby boy turned ONE today, and it is my absolute honor to celebrate him! It was such an honor and a whirlwind to be a part of this little man's birth... from the 5am call of "my water broke!" to the race down I-44 to OKC for the speedy 8am delivery. You see, this little guy's mama had a plan, and had worked HARD to see it come to fruition.

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