OKC Newborn Lifestyle Session with Sweet Big Sis | The Click Family

The Click family welcomed a sweet little man into their home last month, and I got the joy of spending a Friday morning in OKC hanging out with their family and documenting some sweet moments via a newborn lifestyle session as they settled in as a new family of four.


Big sister was equal parts enamored with her little bro, and a little bored with his desire to nurse, nurse, nurse - so a lively round of puzzles and memory games were a fun necessity. The time lounging around the living room (and just letting brother do his thing while the attention was on her) was such a perfect tool to remind her that while there might be a new kiddo in the house, she is still very much their precious and loved little girl. 

This sweet big sis capped the morning off with the most tender little "shhh...." to soothe baby bro as she held him within her mama's arms. That maternal instinct kicks in young, ya'll. 


New babies can bring so much joy and change and challenge into a family... yet the things they teach us about sacrifice, sharing, and unconditional love (not to mention all of the giggles you get to hear from silly siblings) are SO worth it! Congratulations, Click family!

From a parent who also added a second kiddo to her brood this year, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you have a lot of grace, goodness, and gumption ahead of you.

Cheers to a first year that will bless your socks off. <3

***Are you expecting a little one in 2018? Newborn lifestyle sessions are one of the best ways to capture those priceless moments as you settle into home as a family. I serve both the OKC and Tulsa areas and would love to document that precious time with your little one! Contact me for more info!***

Enjoy this OKC newborn lifestyle session gallery below, friends!