DFW Newborn Lifestyle Photography | The Widmer Family

There is something so incredibly special about being invited in to document the lives of close family members - especially as they start a family. And what a joy it was to document this DFW newborn lifestyle photography session for one of my dearest family members, who I also call friend.


This sweet mama is my cousin. We are only two years apart, and spent our childhood playing with dolls, putting on shows for our family (and arguing over who got to wear the beloved purple dress), and faxing each other letters back and forth because we have never lived in the same state (sometimes even in different countries!). No distance could keep our friendship apart though... and now it's my joy to only live 4 hours away so that I could drive down to DFW to document the birth of their first son, and then a couple of weeks later for some sweet memories of what life looks like with a newborn (and a few cats!)


Though I must admit, I think the kitties were still in their adjustment period, because they stayed hiding during most of our newborn session!

Cole, who at 2 weeks old was already almost the size of my 3 month old at the time, may be a little tank... but he is squishy sweet and was a perfect angel during our time together capturing newborn memories with his family. He was even game for a little bath time fun (which amazed this mama of two boys who mostly hated baths for the first few months of their lives!).  Is there any cuter than a naked baby yawn?


It was no neat to see life come full circle as I remembered bathing, dressing and feeding pretend babies with this lovely mama as children... only to now watch her do these things with her "real life baby doll." Because let's face it, just because we're boy moms doesn't mean we don't play dress up with our babes from time to time! 

... either that or we dress them down to their naked hineys and put them on a pretty blanket so we can take pictures and put them in a slideshow when they graduate. Yeah, that too. ;)

Cole wasn't into sleeping during the more typical "newborn photos" we captured during his session... but he gave us a precious little grin!

Cole wasn't into sleeping during the more typical "newborn photos" we captured during his session... but he gave us a precious little grin!

If you are expecting a little one in 2018, it would be my absolute honor to capture precious newborn memories like this for you via a newborn lifestyle session or perhaps even by helping you tell your birth story! Contact me to get on my calendar (and with any questions you might have!)

Want to see more photos from this session? Check out the gallery below!