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The Home Birth Story of Rocket - Tulsa Birth Videography and Photography

Rocket’s birthday was one of those days that took my breath away in more ways than one. His mama labored beautifully surrounded by an incredible support team, he entered the world rather quickly and peacefully, with a strong little cry and tears of joy from his family, and then just as quickly as he came, everyone in the room began to realize that something had changed… and in a matter of minutes, little Rocket (and his healthcare team) was fighting for his life, while his family fought alongside him in prayer. 

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The Birth Story of Cole Karsten - Grapevine Birth Photography & Videography

Earlier this year in April, I had the honor of being present for my beautiful cousin’s birth as she worked like an absolute warrior to bring her little – er, big—boy Earthside. I had been on call for a couple weeks, but as Easter weekend rolled around, it seemed more and more likely that her little man was going to make it to his planned induction date, so I made the drive down to OKC to meet my mama on Easter night, before heading on to Dallas to get settled for the big day.

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The Birth Story of Wallace Scott - Oklahoma Birth Photography & Videography

As I shared in my last blog post, reading birth stories has been a significant part of each of my pregnancies... as I have found that soaking in the experiences of other mamas has helped to "normalize birth" for me in a culture where most people never witness a birth first-hand until their own. Birth stories carry so much power... allowing others into a sacred, supernatural space where miracles happen every single day.

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