On Goals and Birth Photography Competitions Pt. 1

Photo by  Jordan Mobley

Photo by Jordan Mobley

Intention. Goals. Visualization.

Three things that are on the minds of so many of us as we start a new year. As I kicked off 2019, I found myself channeling my inner Rachel Hollis and journaling 9 goals each day in a little section of my planner as if they had already happened. Sounds so simple right? And yet it feels so odd when doing it. As if we are claiming something in advance that we have no right to claim. But where does that feeling of unworthiness come from? It sure as heck doesn’t come from our creator, so I digress and keep writing.

This practice is about visualizing who we want to be as if we already are. So much of life is a mind game - so why not let yourself get a head start by taking your mind where you want to go? Here is an incredibly candid peek at what I’m writing every day as a part of this exercise…

  • I am an exceptional, generous and intentional wife. I don’t want to just go with the flow of my marriage. I want to be generous with my time and energy, intentional in the ways I seek to love and serve. I don’t want my marriage just to survive this season of residency and parenting littles… I want it to thrive.

  • I am a present, playful, patient and praying mama. How’s that for alliteration? I’m going to get real here for a second… I struggle BIG TIME with that second word. I’m a pro at being the boss, buckling down on doing ALL THE THINGS, and nurturing with cuddles and kisses and words of affirmation. But I struggle sometimes to be the “fun mom,” so this year I am getting out of my comfort zone to play with my kiddos at their level.

  • I spend time with Jesus everyday. This one has been a struggle for me since having kiddos. Morning comes around and I yearn for my bed more than my Jesus, and so I snooze and then the inevitable demands of motherhood and business ownership take over until I crash again that evening. As a result, I end up feeling like I’m pouring from an empty vessel each day. That being said, thanks to the genius that is the Alarmy app, I have been making some major strides in this department; and the early morning time that I get alone with the Word and a cup of coffee has been a safe haven for me before the daily hustle.

  • I am frugal, wise and generous. We are debt free! As we navigate this upcoming season of living life post-residency and beginning to pay off medical school debt - we are buckling down in our finances so that we can snowball the HECK out of those loans. (Funcheaporfree.com has been an AMAZING resource for me as I’ve sought to get creative in our budgeting so we can pay off debt sooner rather than later.) We’ve got a concrete plan in place, and with a little perseverance and self-control, we should be debt free in roughly 3.5 years (instead of the 10+ years of payment the loans call for).

  • I am an intentional encourager. Words of Affirmation is my love language, and last year I set out to use that gift to encourage others in a really intentional way each week. It has become one of my favorite “weekly goals” and I want to continue it even when life gets busy because PEOPLE are always the most important priority!

  • I have a passionate love life with my husband. Whew. I can’t believe I just typed that out… But seriously, ya’ll. Why don’t we talk enough about sex in the Christian sphere? I’m grateful that growing up, my parents always made it clear that they were passionate about each other and PDA was a real thing in my household. I might have told them to #getaroom back then; but truly, they are #goals. Yet it is SO easy to let residency and kids and LIFE get in the way of intimacy. So here’s to a year of #noexcuses and enjoying lots of time between the sheets with my favorite guy. <3 If you need a little inspiration in this department… I highly recommend the “Let’s talk about Sex” episode of the “Rise Together” podcast with Rachel & Dave Hollis. So candid and good!

  • I see food and sleep as fuel and work out 3x/week. Last year was a big year for me in business as I doubled the # of births I was taking, and launched Birth OK mag. But while I soared in the biz world, I plummeted in the health and wellness department. I was sleeping as little as 3-4 hours a night, consuming way too much sugar and caffeine, and I maybe worked out 3 times in the whole year. #yikes. This year I’m working to implement little habits one at a time to get my body back into a state of health so that I can be my best self for my husband, kiddos, and business… and also so that when we decide we’re ready to have another babe - my body is where it needs to be in terms of strength and health to carry a little miracle to term.

  • I am a sought-after speaker and writer. This one is scary to even write out - especially on the internet. But truthfully, I have been a writer since I remember first picking up my puffy beauty and the beast journal… and while public speaking gives me pit stains galore (#nervoussweater), I REALLY love encouraging others through my voice/words. I’m honestly not sure what this dream will look like long term or who my audience will be… but I know that I want to be more intentional about writing this year and seeking the Lord on what His plans are for me in this arena.

  • And finally… I am a respected and internationally-awarded birth photographer. Well this one has taken me by surprise. I wrote this in late December when I was formulating my goal statements viewing this as a big picture goal that mayyybbbeee I’d see come to fruition one day as I continue to build my business and skill level as a photographer. The concrete goal I set for myself this year was simply to ENTER three photography contests. I certainly didn’t expect to win… but just being a part of a community of women that are promoting the beauty of birth, and perhaps receiving some constructive critique was worth it! So I dedicated a day of work to preparing my entries based on each contest’s submission requirements and clicked submit… and the response took my breath away…>>> TO BE CONTINUED… will share more about the 2019 birth photography competition season in my next post!

In the meantime…. Have you ever thought about journaling your goals in the way I did above? Share ONE personal goal you have in the comments… I’d love to cheer you on! Or if you don’t want to share your goal, let me know which of mine resonated with you! We’re in this together, friend! :)

Brittany Fisher