The Top 6 Pregnancy Apps & Websites Every Pregnant Mom Needs


From the moment I find out I'm pregnant... I begin downloading ALL THE APPS and bookmarking all the websites. There is something so amazing about having the answer to just about every question you could think of (or didn't think of) at your fingertips. And, because my mission is to serve mamas not only through their births, but during pregnancy and postpartum - I decided to compile my faves for you! The list below is my compilation of top pregnancy apps & websites that every pregnant mama needs in their pocket/resource library/toolbox: a.k.a wherever it is that you mentally store all the things that you are sure to forget otherwise, because... pregnancy brain. (It's real, you guys. And it lasts through the baby phase, so feel free to pull that mom brain card anytime you'd like.) <3

The Top 6 Pregnancy Apps & Websites (and even a Podcast!) Every Pregnant Mom Needs

1. Glow Nurture

Of all the general pregnancy tracker apps, Glow Nurture's interface, info, and overall branding was my favorite. It comes complete with a due date calculator, health tracker and insights, useful articles based on your stage in pregnancy, appointment tracker, and even helpful reminders for things like taking your prenatal vitamin, etc. One of my favorite features of this app is the vitals tracker from prenatal appointments. While I have chosen out-of-hospital births for both of my kiddos, I have used an OB for co-care throughout my pregnancies so that if for some reason I needed to transfer, I would already have care established. As a result, I often would have either the OB or my midwife ask questions about vitals, etc. at the others' appointments... so used this app to keep track of important details and notes. This created such a sense of ease for my collaborative care, and also helped me feel empowered in my own pregnancy journey!

2. Sprout

This app is loaded with info about your growing babe's development in utero, and comes complete with a 3D, moveable rendering of sweet baby as they grow. This one was not only one of my favorite ways to stay up to date on what was going on with baby, but was also my oldest son's favorite ways to connect with the little sibling he hadn't met yet. He daily asked if he could "see the baby," and would spin and flip the baby around the app to observe every little change and developmental leap. Seriously, THE SWEETEST THING. If you have other little ones at home, this app is a MUST as it truly brings your pregnancy to life in your child's eyes. <3

3. Mama Natural

Genevieve from Mama Natural is not only overflowing with knowledge, but is also one of the kindest and most down-to-earth mamas (we became internet friends during my natural health blogger days); and she has a killer Youtube presence to boot! One of my favorite resources within her website and on Youtube are her weekly pregnancy updates and birth stories from her own two kiddos. These are overflowing with resources for each week of pregnancy, as well as a sense of camaraderie as she keeps it real about pregnancy and the birth process. She also can text you weekly pregnancy updates about your own pregnancy and baby by signing up on her website. Check it out! 

4. A Heavenly Welcome

A friend who is a birth educator introduced me to this website during my pregnancy with Silas, and what a JOY this resource was as I prepared for his birth. a Heavenly Welcome is loaded with spiritual encouragment for childbirth, amazing birth stories, the PERFECT podcast for listening during your daily commute, and some pretty awesome products (like a heavenly birth kit and scripture lullabies!). Listening to their labor relaxation album was actually one of my favorite rituals a few times a week whenever I would soak in the bathtub after putting my oldest kiddo to bed! Try it, your sore muscles and mama heart will thank you!

5. Hypnobabies

I sang Hypnobabies praises when retelling the story of my son Silas' birth, and feel like his story really illustrates why this method of childbirth preparation was such a game changer for me. I'll never do another pregnancy/labor without it if I can help it! I highly recommend going in with an open mind and checking out their website and reading the birth stories on their blog. I was super skeptical about anything Hypno related for a long time... but after witnessing several SUPER PEACEFUL births with mamas who had used it to prepare, I decided it was worth a try. And boy am I grateful I did!

6. Spinning Babies

Beyond Hypnobabies, another thing I know that WITHOUT A DOUBT helped make my second labor a more comfortable experience was a little (but crazy important) concept called Optimal Fetal Positioning. Basically, in order for babies to come out their intended exit route through the pelvis, it helps immensely if they are in the proper position to do so. Imbalance in our muscles and fascia, poor posture, or even just typical resting habits can cause our babies to be in less than ideal positions... and this website is loaded with tips and tricks to help balance things out so baby can settle into that beautiful thing we call Optimal Fetal Positioning. (LOA anyone?!) This website is not only great for pregnancy, but can even be referenced during labor as it links common labor patterns and stalls to specific fetal positions, and can help move things along to avoid unnecessary interventions. SO thankful for Spinning Babies!

And there we have it... my top 6 pregnancy website, apps (and even a podcast!) every mama needs. Hope you are enjoying this time as your prepare for your little one's arrival! 

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