The Birth Story of Cole Karsten - Grapevine Birth Photography & Videography


Earlier this year in April, I had the honor of being present for my beautiful cousin’s birth as she worked like an absolute warrior to bring her little – er, big—boy Earthside. I had been on call for a couple weeks, but as Easter weekend rolled around, it seemed more and more likely that her little man was going to make it to his planned induction date, so I made the drive down to OKC to meet my mama on Easter night, before heading on to Dallas to get settled for the big day. We were both absolutely giddy about meeting this new family member… and getting a much-needed mother/daughter + baby Silas road trip under our belts.

Liz had headed into the hospital to get checked in during our drive, so we arrived to a mostly empty house (we were house-sitting alongside her mama in their absence) and quickly caught some Zs, knowing that I could get a call at any time. As the sun peaked through the blinds the next morning, I snuck out of bed to get dressed for the day, and checked my phone for any updates (none yet). Once I was ready, I woke & nursed my little guy and met up with my mom and aunt downstairs just as my Aunt got a text that Liz’s contractions had greatly increased in intensity, and she was waiting for her epidural.

We grabbed some caffeine while the anesthesiologist did his thing, then jetted to the hospital to find a much more comfortable Liz and a slightly anxious, but overall chill daddy – chatty and ready to meet their baby boy. Slow and steady, Liz progressed throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon until around dinner time, it was announced that she was ready to push. 

And PUSH she did. That mama worked HARD. But at first, it didn’t seem like little Cole was wanting to budge. It was when realizing this, that mama surprised us with a question to her OB… “Would it be okay if they turn the epidural off?” This mama trusted her intuition that for whatever reason, she wasn’t able to feel what she needed to get this baby OUT – so she bravely trusted her body and allowed herself to feel al little more than she would have preferred so she could bring her baby Earthside. We began to see some progress…  then a couple of hours in, Joel (the daddy) stepped out to wolf down the sandwich someone had picked up for him, And just like that, BOOM, the pushes got even stronger. Turns out, mama was a little worried daddy might pass out, so she was unknowingly holding back. When he came back in, she requested he support her from an “out of sight” position temporarily while she DID WORK. And before we knew it, sweet Cole was crowning thank to a determined mama and little help/encouragement from the birth team (It’s amazing how even the slightest worry/fear can affect how our bodies work!)


A few more roars from his mama was all it took to bring Cole the rest of the way, and he was met with cheers, tears, and two parents who were so blissfully stunned that their little man was finally here. 

Oh, and daddy did eventually pass out... just a few minutes after baby was born (after he had cut the cord and did the initial daddy duties) ;) He felt it coming, and quietly sat himself down in a chair so not to disrupt mama-baby bonding time or distract any of the care providers from their attention on Liz and Cole. I checked on him to make sure he was okay as it was happening, and he just sort of winked at me and told me not to let Liz know... A few minutes and a little juice later and he was back to normal... but seriously, what a sweet daddy!


Getting to witness the woman who I once used to play “house” and “dolls” with in our grandmother’s toy closet (all while arguing over who got to be the mom and wear the beloved formal satin purple dress while doing so) bring her own  adorable real life baby doll (9 pounds of adorable to be exact) is truly one of the coolest things I can imagine. So proud of his mama, and so grateful to be a part of sweet Cole’s story! (Check It out in video form below!)