The Breech Cesarean Birth of Milo Jack - Oklahoma City Birth Videography & Photography


Well, little Milo is not so little anymore! This baby boy turned ONE today, and it is my absolute honor to celebrate him! 

It was such an honor and a whirlwind to be a part of this little man's birth... from the 5am call of "my water broke!" to the race down I-44 to OKC for the speedy 8am delivery. You see, this little guy's mama had a plan, and had worked HARD to see it come to fruition. From excellent nutrition and extra magnesium to keep her blood pressure down, lots of chiro visits to ensure an optimal position, and regular prenatal care with a team of local midwives... little Milo was set to arrive sometime in October at a birth center nearby. But Milo (and the Lord) had other plans.

Just a couple days past her due date, this mama went in for a routine check, and decided to ask for a cervical exam to see where things were at. The midwife confirmed she was at 2cm, but much to everyone's surprise, she also felt a foot. Insert new plans: hanging upside down this evening and a chiro visit first thing in the morning (the earliest she could get in).

However, a GUSH of waters around 5am ushered in even newer plans. And before we all could catch our breath, these new parents were gowning up at OU Medical Center to welcome their little one via c-section. (Mama was 6cm upon arrival with a little booty planted firmly at her cervix. Kids these days.) ;)


Back in the OR, the medical team made their incision and shortly after delivered two precious little legs and just about the cutest little bottom I'd ever seen. But then, the rest of his body didn't immediately follow. For whatever reason, Milo REALLY liked his headspace in mama's ribs, and I think was holding onto them for dear life. After a lot of coaxing, and a little extra help from the attending physician, Milo finally made his complete arrival Earthside, a little stunned at first - but with a hearty cry in no time. 


After a brief check up at the warmer, Milo was placed in his daddy's arms for a little kiss and then went straight to mama's chest for some snuggles... and within the safety of his precious parent's arms he has remained for the past year as they have navigated all of the challenges and joys that come with parenting a newborn. Today, he is a walking, talking, precocious but cautious little cowboy, ready to wrangle whatever life throws his way - because he knows things don't always go according to plan, but with the right support system, that can be okay.


SO proud of his mama (who has been a dear friend of mine for over 20 years) and the way she has so gracefully navigated every turn and unexpected curve throughout her journey into motherhood. She is fierce, determined, tender, and full of grace. Happy BIRTH day to you too, mama... Mamas deserve to be celebrated on these days as well! (Can I get an amen?)

Taken when Milo was around 6 months!

Taken when Milo was around 6 months!