The Birth Story of Ripley Caroline - Oklahoma Birth Film/Videography


There is something so unique and special about a birth story told from the perspective of the mama. Being the one that grows the human, then delivers said human makes for a VERY surreal experience. But the true depth of the experience doesn't equate to just that one day, especially when we talk about the birth of a mother. No, the beginning of that birth story often starts long before any little being has taken up residence inside... and instead begins in the moments that the Lord first begins to plant the little seed that later becomes "parenthood" in our hearts. 

Sweet mama Randi shares her recent birth story below in a letter to her precious daughter... and captures so much of what happens in the heart when a new parent is "born." It was truly an honor to be a witness to this story. Read, enjoy - and grab a box of kleenex. ;)

Dear Ripley,

It’s Mom. I love to stare at that word and soak it in. A word I have always known, and always said, and it finally defines me. I wish I could follow my signature with it as those do with post nominal letters, because nothing it my life is a bigger honor, or was a harder struggle.

21 negative tests. 2 years. Sleepless nights.

Countless hours spent brushing the tears from my face, hoping no one would notice. Prayers upon prayers, for understanding, for patience, and for peace. And somehow, you still snuck up on me.

I didn’t even want to get excited when that little stick finally flashed “Pregnant.” I took a deep breath, laid it on your Daddy’s desk, ( he immediately knew you. His eyes welled up and he hugged and kissed me, and kind of sat there motionless) and I told him it was probably a false positive- then went back to writing my capstone. It was to good to be true. I was terrified to love you.

At night I would simply place my hand on my tummy and whisper “Just stay. Just stay. Just be well, and stay.” The weeks crawled at the beginning. And after about a month we sat in the waiting room to see our first ultrasound. I shook my foot until it almost fell off. And when I saw your little heart flicker (before they could even tell me thats what it was) my heart flooded. You were here. You were mine. It was going to be ok.

You came into the world on your own terms, and I cant say I’m suprised. When they placed you on my chest I had to remember to breathe.

You were here. You were mine. It was going to be ok.

You squeaked and screeched and snuggled and smiled. Your little hand clenched our fingers with complete confidence, before we even had it in ourselves. You gurgle, and giggle, and hold my face as I kiss your little cheeks. We have laughed together, and cried together, and slept nose to nose, breathing the same air.

Truth be told, Me and Daddy are as clueless as you are- but your eyes give us strength. We promise to do our best to remember you’re looking to us, always. We will be a constant. We will be your safe haven and your home. We will love you enough to be ok with you not always “liking” us. We will be warmth, and grace, and perseverance, in a world that can be opposite all to often. We will love you fiercely. We will be all that you already believe us to be. Welcome to the world, baby.

All of our love for all of our lives,

Mommy and Daddy

***Filmmakers note: Choosing the music for each of the birth stories I film is such a delicate and sometimes pain-staking process for me as I am bound and determined to find a song that not only fits the physical needs of time, dynamics, lyrics/instrumental, etc... but also because I place a lot of importance on finding music that truly captures the feel/emotion that was experienced during the actual birth itself. That being said, I had SO much fun choosing the music for Ripley's birth story... as her parents' soul/mo-town inspired playlist made for some darn good jams and such a playful and almost magical atmosphere during her birth. I'm not even joking when I tell you that "This Magic Moment" was playing during the actual moments of her birth. <3 So enjoy the unique "groove" of this film... as it truly is such a part of this beautiful little girl's story!

Brittany Fisher