On Goals and Birth Photography Competitions Pt. 1

Intention. Goals. Visualization. Three things that are on the minds of so many of us as we start a new year. As I kicked off 2019 this year, I found myself channeling my inner Rachel Hollis and journaling 9 goals each day in a little section of my planner as if they had already happened. Sounds so simple right? And yet it feels so odd when doing it. As if we are claiming something in advance that we have no right to claim. But where does that feeling of unworthiness come from? It sure as heck doesn’t come from our creator, so I digress and keep writing.

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Brittany Fisher
The Fast and Healing Unmedicated Hospital Birth of Emilie Vonn | Oklahoma City Birth Photography and Videography

I officially photographed my first birth almost four years ago in April 2015, but about 9 months before that I stood outside the door of a hospital room and heard the first cry of my niece before being invited in to use my brother's DSLR on auto (before I knew my way around a camera) to document some of her first moments. It was a whirlwind 15 minutes as sweet Evie began to struggle to breathe and needed to be whisked off to the NICU before her mama got a chance to get a good look at her. And as I stood by her mama, my lovely sister-in-love, and encouraged her by showing her photos on the back of the camera of her sweet baby girl, I had my first glimpse of how powerful birth photography can be…

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Childhood Best Friends Overcome Infertility to Meet Their Baby Girl | Tulsa Cesarean Birth Story of Clara Eloise

I’ll never forget walking into Starbucks the first time I got to meet the C family. They were sitting at the table, sipping on their drinks with this childlike excitement that reminded me of the Sunday night trips to Starbucks I used to take with my friends in high school. They just exuded JOY in this journey they were on. As I got to know them better… I learned about the looooong journey that led them to their baby girl, and fell even more in love with them and their story. I am SO honored to get to share it with you today, through the words of Mrs. C herself! <3

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One Family's Journey through Infertility to their Miracle Baby | Tulsa Cesarean Birth Story of Adler Olivia

I had the privilege of documenting this sweet baby girl’s birth story in May; and her story, told by her mama Jennifer, is one for the books. There were many changes of plans along the way as this family navigated the journey to Adler, and Adler dictated how/when she wanted to make her way Earthside… including miscarriage, numerous fertility treatments, a hospital stay during pregnancy, an early delivery, and an unplanned cesarean…

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World Breastfeeding Week Spotlight | Extended Breastfeeding Benefits & Tulsa Lifestyle Session

Confession: I used to be fairly ignorant about breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong... I was breastfed as a child, and felt like I understood the benefits enough to plan to breastfeed my own children. BUT - I also felt like there should be a hard cut-off as to when babies should STOP breastfeeding.

Little did I know…

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A New Adventure: The Journey to Birth OK

Last November, I was sitting in my living room brainstorming marketing ideas with a fellow momtrepreneur friend of mine, when out of my mouth rolled two words: birth magazine. I almost giggled when I said it, because during my teenage years one of my greatest aspirations was to become editor in chief of Seventeen Magazine. But almost as soon as the idea had flown from my lips, I shut it down. That sounded like a lot of work, especially just for the purpose of promoting my already-growing birth photography business; and I wasn't sure I was up for it….

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Home, but Homesick + a Lesson in Hospitality

It has been about a week and a half since we landed stateside; and I'm sitting here at my home desk sipping on a cup of Kenyan chai, somehow feeling a little "homesick."

If you read any of my updates/posts from our time in Kapsowar... you'd know that the Fisher family fell for Kenya HARD..

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A tough week, but God reigns

The title above transports me back in time, to the note I shared on Facebook almost 6 years ago when we were losing our first child. And after the trials of the past week... it feels appropriate once again.

This last week has been... heavy. Heavy like the rains that have been falling on Kapsowar like clockwork...

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I have had many dreams for our time in Kenya. Most notably the dream of documenting a birth while simultaneously witnessing my handsome doctor husband deliver the sweet babe. And, if you caught my Facebook posts in the last couple of days, you’d know that dream came true! (And this birth photographer was overwhelmed with joy!) But...

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When in Kenya... (do as the Kenyans do.)

This past week has been a week of firsts. First time to Amsterdam (during a long layover pancake jaunt into the city), first time in Africa, first Safari, first time speaking Swahili, first time driving for Rhys (our Safari driver let him try it out while sitting on his lap on the Savannah), first time lighting a gas stove with a match (I’ve been spoiled by electric starters), first time sleeping under a mosquito net, first time trying mandazi, chapati, Kenyan Chai, and Kenyan candy (enter nature’s version of chewy warheads)...

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7 Things I've Learned from Parenting in the Trenches

Motherhood is a SWEET season... but it is also one of the most challenging, humbling and sanctifying journeys I've ever set foot on. More days that not lately, thanks to the sin and brokenness of my own self as much as my children's, I have found myself with tears in my eyes, clawing through the mud, and praying for the clarity, grace, and protection of my Savior. And each day, the Lord has faithfully answered me with bits of truth that are slowly helping me to see the beauty in a season that quite frankly I'm just praying to survive. Here's what I've been learning...

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We're going to AFRICA! | Fishers on Mission

When we first found out that April 2018 would be our first "missions month" for Jake's residency program, I was giddy, even though I had NO IDEA where the Lord would call us to go. So, what a joy it was to get confirmation from the Lord through some trusted mentors earlier this month that we indeed should spend April living and serving alongside the Jones family in their home of Kapsowar, Kenya...

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