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You want your birth to be full of joy and peace and respected as one of the most sacred spaces of your lifetime. You want your story to be documented with authenticity and integrity, preserving the memories of that moment your partner kissed your forehead and brought you to blissful tears, or the first time you locked eyes with your little one and felt like you could see your future reflected back at you. Simply put... you know that you and your baby's story matters, and that you deserve to remember every. single. moment. 

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I am SO honored that you are considering having me be a part of such a special day in your family and baby's life. I adore birth photography for so many reasons, but most importantly because your investment allows me to capture your baby's story in a way that will not only serve as a reminder of all the incredible events and special details of the day, but of the love of the family and Father that will support, protect and cheer on your little one for a lifetime.

While I know that the nature and expense of birth photography can make it a bit of a luxury item, it is my belief that every family deserves to remember these fleeting moments in a tangible way. If you desire to have this momentous day in your and baby's life captured, it would be my honor to work with you on a payment plan, as well as create a custom gift registry for you to allow family & friends to come alongside you in celebrating your story. This service is completely FREE to any client who chooses to book a birth story collection; simply click the contact button below to set it up! (View a sample registry here.)

Birth Story Collections from $1100.

Fresh 48 & Herbal Bath Collections from $150.

The images and film from your birth story will be your child's first family heirloom, and it would be my joy to help create them. 

I'm available for births in Tulsa, OKC and surrounding areas. Let's write your story together! Email me using the link below to connect about your story, receive my comprehensive collection guide, and to set up your free consultation! Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


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