Let's write your story together...

I've always loved to tell stories...

...which is probably why my 1st grade class coined the nickname "chatterbox" just for me. The majority of my life - I've told these stories through words, putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and letting the beauty of the English language (or sometimes French if I'm feeling particularly adventurous) spill out to form a work of art that is only made better by the imagination of the person reading it. 

When I first became pregnant, my love for stories manifested in a joyful tradition of reading a birth story every. single. day. I felt so empowered to read about the birth journeys of other mamas and soaked in all of the secrets of this powerful experience I could manage with every unique and beautiful experience shared. And then I lost my baby. My sweet, precious baby with tiny fingers and toes that I would never get to kiss. And the birth stories I read began to take on new form. They were marked with tragedy or loss, and yet intense beauty, and I would weep as I inhaled the words, because reading that others had walked these painful roads (and the Lord alongside them) somehow gave me breath in a time where I felt like I had none. 

During my second pregnancy, I clung to a new type of story. A story of rainbows and the beauty that comes after a storm... and with each story I read I could feel the Lord giving me something I wasn't sure I knew how to feel: hope. 

It was while searching for my "birth story of the day" during this time that I stumbled upon my first birth story film. To be honest, I was a little hesitant at first to hit play, given my only prior experience with birth films to that point was the time I traumatized myself by watching an all-too-graphic-for-my-naive-20-year-self Youtube video of "crowning" after my husband came home from his first day on OB during his pre-med training having witnessed his first delivery. I just didn't think it was fair that I had the parts, but he had seen a birth and I hadn't. 

But things were different now. I had educated myself on the birth process... and was less freaked out and more "oh-my-word-its-so-cool-that-our-bodies-can-DO-this"... so figured my nerves were in the clear to click play. What followed was life-changing. Short video clips and a few beautiful still images of laughter and tears and hard work and tiny baby cries had been sewn together like an heirloom patchwork quilt - creating one of the most rich and unique examples of storytelling I had seen in a long time. Tears streamed down my face as I soaked in the beauty of this person's story and just knew that I needed to find a similar avenue to share my own. 

So thanks to a couple of sweet friends with a willingness to try something new, and my experience in high school using Final Cut Pro - my first birth story was "born" exactly one year to the day after my son arrived earthside. His birth was everything: hard and relaxed and surreal and supported and lovely and loooooong - and culminated in one of the most memorable celebrations of God's faithfulness that I think I'll ever experience (see video below). But as gorgeous as his little chunky newborn face was - no single birth announcement photo could have told that story: a story that I believe will share such an important truth with him as He grows older of the love that His family has for him... but more importantly of the love that his Heavenly Father has for him. 

And so the Lord led me here and armed me with a camera and passion for storytelling so that I can play a role in capturing memories with an impact that lasts a lifetime. Because no matter how you choose to give birth, your story MATTERS... not only for yourself, but for your little one and the world that he/she will change forever. It would be my honor to help you share that story... "Let's write your story together."

Love in Christ, Brittany

Want me to capture your story? 


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